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November 28, 2023

Staffing agencies have been around since the turn of the century. Ever since the early 1900s, staffing agencies have been around with one of the most notable ones being that of Katherine “Kitty” Felton's which was established to help displaced workers after the Great San Francisco Earthquake. (Nighbor, 2020) Since then, the function of staffing agencies went through several iterations. Starting out as mainly catering to workers, it then evolved to being a business solution for employers. Starting out with finding temporary workers to now being a workforce solution, especially for employers with specific needs with regard to skills and experience.

Nowadays, staffing agencies act as an intermediary between workers and businesses. With the rise in demand in recent years for flexible and innovative workforce solutions, staffing agencies have solidified their hold in today's job market. Having in-depth knowledge of employers needs, staffing agencies are able to help businesses navigate the challenges of hiring workers. With the increased demand, staffing agencies were able to garner information on industry specific needs, which gave rise to industry specific staffing agencies prevalent in healthcare, IT, finance, and engineering.

Why Use a Staffing Agency?

The rise of staffing agencies is proof of its benefits for businesses. With extensive insight on today's job market, they can help businesses with their workforce woes. The following points are just some of the benefits for a business in utilizing a staffing agency. 

Simplified and Faster Process

Partnering with a staffing agency has the benefit of a streamlined and quick hiring process. With the simple steps involved in the process, employers have their work cut out for them. After contacting the agency, the agency will take care of the job description and vetting of the candidates. The employer needs only to make the final decision.

Having Recruiting Expertise Reduces Hiring Risks

When utilizing staffing agencies, employers have the advantage of utilizing their expertise in recruiting. Doing the task day in and day out for different organizations and various needs gives them the advantage of having much experience in appropriately matching a worker with an employer. In turn, this also reduces the possibility of a "bad hire" which can cost a company time and resources and also negatively impact other members of the workforce.

Access to a Diverse and Wider Pool of Talent

Staffing agencies have various resources and connections that allows them to have a steady pipeline of talent. This greatly aids in finding a match for an employer. It also helps shorten the time of sourcing out a worker for a given post.

Be Able to Scale Your Workforce Easily

Since staffing agencies are able to source talent a lot easily and quickly, it can help a company scale their workforce. In the event of talent shortages, expansions, and rapid growth, a staffing agency can help a company out of a bind.

Can Be Industry Specific (IT Industry)

There are staffing agencies that cater to specific industries. One of the most prominent industries that staffing and recruitment firms cater to is the IT/Technology industry.

A big advantage of this is that the firm has expertise in the IT industry and can better vet and match candidates to the employer. Firms who cater to specific industries tend to have a specialized set of recruiters leading to a more seamless process. 

Another advantage is that these firms have a large database of candidates specific to the IT industry. This ensures a large pool of talent that is apt for the roles in the industry. 

Companies in the IT industry can safely hire their tech staff. They can also establish a long-term partnership with an industry-specific firm that already has an in-depth knowledge about their organization. This leads to a more targeted recruitment approach.

Top Staffing Firms in Atlanta

Choosing to work with an industry specific agency has a host of benefits as stated above. That said, here are the most prominent staffing and recruitment agencies in Atlanta, Georgia.

1647 is one of the premier Atlanta staffing firms focusing on entry to senior-level tech talent. They have a proven and seamless process from candidate screening to client interviews. The worker is then deployed via contract-to-hire or contract, and mentors can be available for all contract resources deployed ensuring success within the initial 60-days (or get a credit back!).

1647's speciality is working with companies to build reliable tech talent pipelines through their custom Hire-Train-Deploy and Apprenticeship programs.

Tier4 is a woman-owned and diversity-certified talent acquisition firm specializing in technology recruitment. They cater to employers looking for technology talent in web & software development, UX product management & digital marketing, IT leadership, data, and even infrastructure & security.

Advanced Tech Placement is a technology centered recruitment firm serving companies nationwide. They espouse a one-point contact approach for each client for clean and seamless communication.

The focus on tech recruitment but also serves other industries. They have contract/temp placement, contract to hire, direct hire, project based, and consulting/professional services.

Chase Staffing is headquartered in Atlanta but has various offices throughout the country. Aside from tech staffing, they also provide recruitment services for other industries and offer contract, permanent, and on-site partnership solutions.

Initially established to serve the tech industry in Atlanta, Elev8 now also services other industries such as Engineering, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Now, Elev8 is a staffing and recruiting firm offering direct hire, contract, and nearshore/offshore solutions.

Focus People is a staffing firm catering to Tech, Accounting & Finance, Professional & Managerial, and Administrative & Customer Service roles. Boasting customizable services, Focus People offers to meet specific requirements for contract staffing, contract-to-hire, and direct hire solutions.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Innovien offers staff augmentation services for data analytics companies. They also offer project delivery management services and management and deployment of technology initiatives.

InsightGlobal is a staffing agency headquartered in Atlanta but also services other locations in the country. They cater to a host of industries, including tech, and also has a foothold and provides services in 150 countries. They offer short term contract, long term contract, and permanent hire solutions.

JDC Group is a staffing firm focusing on SAP and IT Talent. Established in 2005, JDC offers staffing for consulting roles, agile delivery and project management, and ecommerce, edge computing and application development professionals.

Matrix covers several locations in the USA including Atlanta. They offer IT and Professional Staffing and remote workforce services. They also cover other industries aside from technology, such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Oil, Gas & Energy, and Transportation.

Aside from IT, Next Step Staffing offers to manage recruitment and staffing needs for various industries such as healthcare, construction, security services, and food services.

Spherion offers staffing services for various industries but specializes in IT Staffing. They hire for information technology-centric positions including full stack developers, UX/UI coders, business analysts, network engineers, help desk attendants and project managers roles.

Thompson Technologies specializes in IT and Professional staffing. They place consultants who can ramp up quickly to help manage business initiatives, mission-critical projects and new systems. Aside from IT, they also service the Financial and Retail industries.

Hire Fraction is a bit different in that they provide staffing services but offer part time senior talent. Their approach is that employers can hire top talent that may be already engaged with other corporations for part-time posts. For development projects, they build a team composed of a fractional developer, a software architect, and a project manager.

Staffing and recruitment firms have a host of advantages for an employer looking to build out or augment their workforce.


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