Why an Employer Should Consider the Hire-Train-Deploy Model

November 17, 2023

The Hire-Train-Deploy Model is a relatively new staffing model, but has proven results for employers when it comes to building a competent and competitive workforce. A strategy being used around the globe with much success both for employers and workers, its importance is highlighted in how underserved workers are given a chance to be part of a pool of talent with employers also reaping the benefits of expanding and ensuring the longevity of their business through a robust workforce. 

With the challenges companies face related to workforce personnel sourcing, the HTD model has shown to be a viable solution for organizations to address their staffing woes.

A great example of the HTD model utilization is Salesforce, the SaaS giant. Having a very defined ecosystem, Salesforce has felt the skills gap in talent pools when hiring for their organization. Despite being willing to work with educational institutions to make training for their platform accessible, there was still a gap in their talent pool. To address this, Salesforce, partnered with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, set up the Hiring Our Heroes program which aims to hire, then train veterans and military spouses. Salesforce was able to provide free training and certifications to this population and in turn also fill their need for personnel who are trained and adept in their internal culture.

With the HTD model, employers are able to secure high-potential talent, train them according to their standards, and deploy to relevant job roles within their organization.

The Need for the Hire-Train-Model

The past decade has seen huge and fast advances in technology and innovation. With these changes also came the drive for companies to keep abreast of the most recent advances, especially with regard to technology, and with this also came the increase in demands skillswise for their workforce. This resulted in an increase in employer's expectations for the skills, knowledge, and experience when looking at candidates. 

However, these advancements in technology did not translate to advancements in training from colleges and universities. Very few included these in their curriculums. A case in point is Salesforce and the challenges they have experienced looking for skilled talent. Even with the willingness of Salesforce to work with colleges and universities to encompass training for their ecosystem within the curriculum, very few took them up on their offer. This resulted in mainly training for the Salesforce ecosystem to be garnered after degree completion. This, in turn, heavily impacted Salesforce with the ongoing skills gap. This same situation is prevalent in other companies, especially those in tech.

This is where the HTD Model became the answer for several organizations. With being able to hire workers with a lot of potential, and sometimes even off the bat from university, and train them according to the skills needed for the role, it became one of the most utilized models , especially for tech organizations.

Why an Employer Should Consider Using the HTD Model

Train for Custom Skill Sets

Companies are able to choose workers from a wider pool of talent, and even consider those who do not yet presently have the skill set required. Since workers who are hired through the HTD model are trained for specific skills needed for the niche and role they were hired for, this gives an advantage for employers when it comes to sourcing. Applicants are not tossed aside easily and employers can focus more on potential, considering one's educational background and interests, rather than present skills and credentials.

During the training phase of a worker, employers are also able to better monitor their development through the program. Workers who are in an HTD program go through preset milestones according to an employer's standards. They are also often given or assigned coaches or mentors to help boost their learning and ensure that they are abreast with the current technology and practices being used presently within the organization. Aside from this, the training that workers go through are also easily adaptable and can be molded to the present needs of the company ensuring that even workers who have newly completed training are already well-versed and adjusted with regard to internal changes and updates.

Since workers who are trained through the HTD model are trained for the specific skills needed by an organization, the quality of talent that enters their workforce and become senior workers are also greatly improved. With an in-depth understanding of what their business needs and their greatest challenges, they are able to incorporate and address these through the training they provide in their HTD program. They are able to train workers on specific platforms and technologies the organization utilizes.

The end results are highly-trained workers adept in the processes, methodologies, and technologies of the company.

Reduces Hiring Costs and Employee Turnover

The HTD model can help an organization reduce its hiring and admin costs. It is much more cost-effective for an organization to hire someone that is trainable versus hiring someone who already has various and advanced skills. The pay grade for each one is highly different.

When a company hires an employee, there is a significant risk that the employee might not be able to perform or might also leave the organization in a short span of time. With this comes a lot of costs with regard to replacing an employee. The HTD model mitigates this as it helps ensure that a worker can perform for the specific role before being deployed permanently into the workforce.

Workers who go through HTD model programs tend to feel more valued and part of the company. From the start, these workers have the insight of what goes on in the company, and thus, they also know the challenges and responsibilities they must fulfill. Employees who go through the program tend to be more engaged and committed. With this, workers have more accountability and are less likely to leave the company.

Improved Productivity

With workers having more accountability, they are also encouraged to do better. Workers understand that their performance impacts the organization whom they are dependent on to launch their career. This encourages them to perform better and demonstrate their skills leading to improved productivity.

Aside from this, a niche-trained and skilled worker has a short adjustment time and can hit the floor running once deployed. Being already abreast with the necessary knowledge for the role and company processes, it accelerates the time a worker needs to be productive and efficient. The onboarding process of a worker from being a trainee on the HTD program to their role in the workforce is significantly shortened. This also then shortens the time workers need to reach their full potential.

Lastly, workers who go through the HTD model evolve and adapt more easily to change within the organization. This significantly helps an organization stay competitive and stay abreast of current advancements avoiding their workforce from lagging behind their competitor's.

Diversity and Inclusivity

In today's social environment, a lot of companies have evolved and have set diversity and inclusivity goals for their organization. The HTD model can aid companies in attaining these goals.

With being able to consider a wider pool of talent, companies are able to hire workers from different backgrounds, particularly those in underserved communities. The model provides the framework and opportunity for these groups to attain employment and upskill themselves, giving them a chance to earn a competitive wage in industries that used to seem unattainable. 

In turn, this can also improve a company's culture, with new people bringing in new ideas to their organization's teams. This can help balance a team with the varied background and experiences now in play. 

With the HTD model, organizations have the capability to hire workers, no matter their background and experience, who are passionate about their industry and committed to their organization. 


With the Hire-Train Deploy model, companies have the opportunity to hire from a more diverse talent pool, customize their training, increase their productivity, and cut costs for their recruitment. A skilled workforce can support a company’s longevity and stay on top of the competition. All the said, the HTD model is indeed a viable solution, which more companies should be utilizing, for workforce development.

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